Let me introduce myself.


My name is Dr. Rueben Brock, and I am running for State Representative for the 46th District of Pennsylvania.  I am a husband, a father, and a counselor.  I teach at a local university, and I have a small private practice just south of Pittsburgh, PA.  I am running because I am tired of letting the wealthy and the political elite run our country.  I believe it's time that we, the people, take it back. At every level of government, we need people who actually understand the needs of every day people.  If you agree with me, I'll need your help!

The 46th District includes the following communities in Allegheny and Washington Counties:  Burgettstown, Canton Township, Cecil Township, McDonald (Washington County Portion), Midway, Mount Pleasant Township, Robinson Township, Smith Township, Bridgeville, Collier Township, Heidelberg, McDonald (Allegheny County Portion), Oakdale, and South Fayette Township



Before Dr. Rueben Brock entered the world of politics, he had already built a successful career in the field of psychology. 

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